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Need Household
Garbage Pick-up?

Please contact any
local garbage hauler
in the yellow pages of
your telephone book.

For your information:
Each year, Cook
Township holds two
Day" Events for
disposing of large
items such as
furniture, stoves, etc.

Voter Information

Cook Township Community Center
Precinct at 1698 State Route 711

For a Demonstration of
How To Use the New
Touch-Screen Voting Machine,
Click here!


Cook Township
Sewage Enforcement
Officer: Douglas Regola
of Victor P. Regola &
Office: 724-925-6440

Local Post Offices
Stahlstown: 724-593-2351
Ligonier: 724-238-6396
Latrobe: 724-537-0892
Donegal: 724-593-7280
Acme: 724-423-4466

U.S. Postal Service:


State Government
59th District of the
House of Representatives
in Harrisburg, Pa. :
Local Office: 724-423-6503
Harrisburg Office:

39th District of the
Pennsylvania State Senate
in Harrisburg, Pa.:
Senator Kim Ward
Local Office: 724-600-1002
Harrisburg Office:

Governor Tom Wolf
Office: 717-787-2500

Department Of Revenue

Local: Greensburg
Office: 724-832-5283

Pennsylvania Department
of Transportation
to Renew
Vehicle Registration,
Driver's Licenses, etc.

Election Bureau
Voter Registration Office,
located in Greensburg

Office: 724-830-3150

To Register to Vote
Click on this Link:

To Change Voter Registration
Click on this Link:

How the process of voting works:
Click here

Confirm Voter Registration Status

For Absentee Ballot - Click here

Election Results - Click here

Federal Government
13th District of the
House of Representatives of
The Commonwealth of
in Washington D.C.:
Congressman John Joyce
Local Office: 814-485-6020
H. of R. Office: 202-225-2135

Senator Representing
The Commonwealth of
in Washington D.C.:
Senator Pat Toomey
Local Office: 412-644-3400
Senate Office: 202-225-2431

Senator Representing
The Commonwealth of
in Washington D.C.:
Senator Robert Casey Jr.
Local Office: 412-803-7370
Senate Office: 202-224-6324
Toll Free: (866) 802-2833
Fax: (202) 228-0604


Community Organizations

Chestnut Ridge Volunteer Fire Company
CRVFC Calendar of Events on Facebook

Visit Our Famous Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival:

Be sure to visit our friends at the Chestnut Ridge Historical Society located in the Community Center!